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Squirrels are little animals that may seem very cute and harmless from afar but in reality, these demons can cause a lot of problems. From damaging property and goods around the house to being a cause of severe health problems, there is a wide range of issues that have been associated with the presence of squirrels around residential areas. Hence you need best squirrels removal Toronto.


Squirrels can cause rabies by biting. Rabies is an extremely dangerous disease that can also prove to be fatal in some cases. The fur and feaces of squirrels are home to many infections and health hazards. Some parasites such as ticks and fleas can also make their way into your houses through these squirrels.


Other than the health risks, squirrels are also responsible for severe damage to property and goods around the house. They are rodents whose front teeth never stop growing. This urges them to constantly chew on something. This is why they can chew on wood and even electrical wires. The chewing of electrical wires can also lead to fire hazards of burning down of the entire house in some cases.

Signs Of Squirrel Infestation:

It is very easy to identify a squirrel infestation. they tend to make lot of running and scratching sound in attic and soffitt. The main areas which are more prone to squirrel infestation include the attics and the closed and congested areas of the house. It is to be noted that squirrels mostly make their way inside the houses through small openings and gaps.

The houses with bird feeds and other edibles laying openly around are more prone to squirrel infestations.Fruit bearing plants around the house also enhance the chances of these unwanted guests by a significant percentage.


Once you are certain that squirrels have made their way to your house, it is important to get help as soon as possible. Pestong squirrel control services are indeed your best friend in this regard. We specialize in providing a comprehensive set of squirrel removing services that take care of the your problems. There are many service providers that claim to be the experts and pioneers of squirrel removal services but here are a few characteristics and features that our team at Pestong squirrel removal have that they lack Experience makes us better. We have been providing these services for a considerable amunt of time The use of latest techniques and methods provides effective squirrel removal services. All our services lay within an affordable price range thus providing the customers with the best for very less.

Squirrel Removal And Control Toronto

Squirrels are certainly one of the most common wildlife species seen by city dwellers (outside of pigeons). They spend most of their time running around lawns, trees and bushes, and wooded places. They’re famous for grabbing acorns and nuts and hiding them in the ground. Moreover, they climb on trees and running across electrical wires, rooftops, and other buildings.

Squirrels are normally not a problem, but since they live in such proximity to homes and buildings. They can sometimes get enter walls, roofs, basements, and other areas. Squirrels can then become a destructive nuisance, requiring squirrel removal services.

If you have a problem with squirrels in your home or buildings contact our squirrel removal Toronto services. Our Toronto squirrel team set up a proper inspection and remove the squirrel from your area.

Is squirrel dangerous?

In general, Squirrels only want to be left alone. But sometimes, they are rarely dangerous. However, they can be a problem at times. Squirrels will also bite to get out of a situation if they are cornered or sick. Finally, their tendency for chewing on objects can be a problem. Squirrels enter buildings for a variety of reasons, including protection, food storage, and nest building. They gain access by chewing entrance holes under eaves or using existing openings such as uncapped chimneys. When tree limbs reach the roof, they can potentially get in. Once inside, they cause problems with the insulation by creating nests. They often chew on cables, create a fire risk. They can be observed entering and exiting buildings, and they are frequently heard running through the walls.

The squirrel can be a problem due to:

  • Home Damage: 

Squirrels will tear up damaged roof tiles, chew their way through siding to reach between walls, and enter crawl spaces and basements to build nests in their search for warm locations to nest and hide food. If left unchecked, this can cause damage to homes and other buildings.

  • Biting and noise:

The sound of scampering feet between walls or in the attic is one of the first signals of squirrels in the walls or inside your home. Furthermore, if you try to corner, capture, or handle a squirrel, it is more likely to bite to run.

  • Tree destructions:

Squirrels will also remove the bark from trees and garden plants.

  • Digging up lawns:

Squirrels hide their food in trees, gaps, and holes that are already there. However, they will dig holes all over lawns, gardens, and other vegetation to hide acorns and other food if they find a suitable place.

  • Fire hazards:

Squirrels will chew on a variety of products. They chew on wires and cables in the same way as rats and mice do, and this action can expose wires. This exposed wire also has a serious risk of fire.

The Health Risk:

Flea infestations: Fleas are very common in squirrels. Fleas can infest your home and spread to pets in your household.

  • Leptospirosis: 

The bacteria which cause leptospirosis can also be present in squirrel feces. Fever, headache, vomiting, jaundice, and rash are some of the symptoms.

  • Tick-borne disease:

 Squirrels are often infested by ticks. Humans can catch tick-borne diseases including Lyme disease and tularemia. Lyme disease causes brain and spinal cord inflammation, and nerve discomfort and stiffness. Swollen lymph nodes and ulcers are the symptoms of tularemia.

  • Salmonellosis:

Salmonella bacteria can be found in squirrel feces, which can cause salmonellosis. Diarrhea, stomach pains, and a fever are all symptoms. It can necessary to admit to the hospital in some cases.

Our Services of squirrel removal Toronto

Toronto Squirrel specializes in squirrel removal. Our squirrel removal Toronto professional will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the severity of the problem before removing a squirrel or a family of squirrels from your property. They’ll make a unique solution to catch, remove, and seal all entry points after the inspection. Toronto squirrel removal team also provides you with warranty choices and an estimate for preventative services.

  • Home inspection for a squirrel:

Our squirrel removal Toronto professionalist will look for chewing holes around your home, small gaps leading to the crawl area, droppings, and trash such as nuts or nesting material.

  • Squirrel trapping and removing:

When performing squirrel removal, our Toronto squirrel removal professional will decide the most effective and compassionate technique to remove the squirrel from your property. The most common techniques are live traps, one-way doors, deterrents, and direct capture. Adult squirrels are not directly trapped because they move too fast and fit into very small areas. If a baby is found in an attic, it will be taken by hand and relocated with its mother. If mom isn’t around and the babies are too young to survive on their own.

  • Isolation and habitat modification:

The most efficient way to keep squirrels and other wildlife out of your house is to use preventative exclusion. After the squirrel has been removed, it is important to seal all entry points to prevent further entry. Furthermore, we strongly advise that you use a maintenance service. Squirrels, like other rodents, have constantly growing front teeth, allowing them to chew a new route back into your home.

Squirrels can avoid entering or re-entering your home by taking precautions such as removing trees or tree branches on or near your roof. Our squirrel removal Toronto experts also suggest that you avoid using bird feeders because they attract a lot of squirrels and other wildlife. To keep a squirrel-free house, we advise all of our customers to remove bird feeders if they are present after squirrel removal.

Why us? Our modern Solution for squirrel removal

Our Toronto squirrel team determines that you have a red or grey squirrel problem, then they will choose the best action. This includes putting in one-way doors so the squirrels can go but not return. They’ll then use the net to cover all entrance spots. After the squirrels remove, the team member will clean, sanitize, and deodorize your attic. Moreover, they can also use to replace insulation that has damage. The squirrel removal Toronto team also provides you with advice on how to prevent future squirrel problems, such as trimming trees away from your roofline.


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