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Have you been noticing that the garbage outside your house is mostly tumbled over. Are you experiencing damage around your property? Are you sick of droppings and smelly faeces around your property? Well it is more than likely that you are facing a raccoon infestation. Don’t worry. Because Pestong raccoon removal Toronto services are the perfect solution. We can help you get rid of these creatures. Trust our professionals and you will be amazed at the results you achieve.

Issues Associated With Raccoon Infestation:

Raccoons are powerful, strong and heavy animals. The most common type of damage that is associated with raccoons. They can tear through air ducts and destroy insulations of the houses. They can also damage electrical wires and cabling around the house by chewing at it. Wood is also a prey of raccoons.


Other than the physical damage, raccoons also leave around feces and other droppings. These are not only a source of irritating smell but also cause a lot of health issues. Many infections and allergies are transmitted by raccoons. Thus raccoons are animals that cause both damage to the health and well being of the residents of an area as well as to the property and goods around the house.

Signs Of Raccoon Presence Around House:

It is more than likely that you might be noticing a few signs that are used to identify raccoon infestation. If you notice even two of such signs, be aware of the fact that it is time for you to call pestong raccoon removal services.

Raccoons have nocturnal habits which is the reason why they are rarely active during the day. They are mostly roaming around and causing nuisance during the night hours. Raccoon feces, urine and fur are some of the most common ways of identifying them. Other than this, nests and damage around the house such as bitten wires and destroyed wooden furniture are also alarming signs that these animals have easily made their way in your house.


If you are certain or even doubtful that raccoons are present near you, don’t worry or panic about it. Simply give us a call. The experienced and professional team of pestong raccoon removal will be by your side. We take pride in the high-quality and reliability of our services. Customer satisfaction is our utmost goal therefore you will find that our team will put in sweat and blood till the issue has been eradicated from the root.

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