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Like a majority of the wild animals’ raccoons can be very adorable to look at in their own habitat, which is, of course, the wild. However, if a raccoon does break into your own residential area and starts toppling over your trash cans to steal food, digging holes in your walls, or leaving behind a stench and ugly droppings and feces on your well-done flooring then they might not seem to be too cute. Here are some of the best methods that the best Raccoon removal company in Mississauga uses to get rid of raccoons. If you are looking for reliable raccoon removal in Mississauga then this is these are the best methods for you to go about it:

High-intensity strobe Light:

Where trapping has been failing this new method of raccoon removal has been very popular. This method has shown exceptional results especially when the raccoons invade the attics and the chimneys. Pestong pest control uses the latest most effective technology and methodology to get rid of pests from your residence. This is why their services are preferred in a majority of places around Canada. Raccoons are very sensitive to light and they can hardly stand the dazzling of lights which is one reason why this method is very effective. The high-intensity light will make sure that the raccoons move their off-springs from your area of residence within a day.

Raccoon control Mississauga

Motion sensor sprays:

Raccoon removal Mississauga

These are harmless sprays that can be installed in your garden to make sure that the raccoons are kept off of your yard. With more persistence, the raccoons will eventually vacate your territory and move to a place that is more friendly to them. However, raccoons do tend to be persistent so this might take time.

Chemical repellents:

Some people prefer to use chemical repellents to keep these wild animals away from their homes. However, this method hasn’t proven to be the most effective over time as raccoons may adapt to the chemicals. They do tend to be very adaptive in all kinds of environments. Pestong uses a variety of other, more effective methods to keep raccoons off of your property.

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