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Raccoons might be a little different than your traditional pests but they can do just as much damage to your residential place as any other pest infestation can. If you have been suffering from a case of frequent holes or damage to property in terms of scratching and scraping, if you have been facing smelly feces and droppings around your property then chances are that you might be facing a raccoon infestation. However, with pestong pest control raccoon control in Markham is much easier. You can easily make sure that you get rid of raccoons with the popular control methods at pestong: 

Raccoon Repellents:

You may be able to use a repellent to keep raccoons out of areas where they might cause damage and you will need to make sure that you keep them clear of any objects and surfaces that might be too expensive for damage or if you simply want them to be off these surfaces. You may be able to sprinkle barrier repellent to keep them off these areas, you can spray liquid repellents in order to keep them off of trashcans and birdfeeders for more specific protection. Raccoons can be however pretty resistant so it might take weeks before these repellents will officially be effective.

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Electric Repellents:

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You may be able to use Electric repellents so that you can scare these raccoons away and make sure that they stay out of your targeted area or the area around your house. This is one of the best ways to control raccoon infestations at your house. Out of these water, sprinklers are some of the most popular methods to make sure that raccoons stay off of your property.


You might incorporate electronic technology for better fencing which has been proven to be one of the best methods for raccoon protection for many. Not only will you be able to keep the raccoons out of your house but you will also be able to improve the overall look of your exterior home with fencing technology. Moreover, it improves the overall safety of your property.

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