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Rats are animals that give off the impression of being relatively harmless, but in truth, these nocturnal monsters can cause significant damage. They are the mischievous cause of several concerns and problems, ranging from the contamination of food and consumable things to the destruction of property. And the most frustrating aspect of the situation is the presence of rats. You will not succeed in rat pest control using any home remedy or do-it-yourself approach.

Rat Removal Services in Toronto:

Pestong Pest And Animal Control is the best option for you to consider if you are in a situation analogous to the one described above and are on the verge of giving up hope of eradicating rats because nothing appears to work to help in this endeavor. We are a well-known service provider for being one of Toronto’s most effective and efficient rat clean-up service providers. We have years of experience and training in this field. Our hardworking staff will not settle for finding a short-term solution to the problem at hand; rather, they will stop at nothing to guarantee that the rats are completely removed from the premises.

Rat-Health Risks:

Infestations of rats are connected with a significant increase in the likelihood of adverse health effects. Rats have been connected to the transmission of various diseases, including those that affect the skin and other health risks. Because rats are challenging to locate, it is highly conceivable that a person could be experiencing the health problems they cause without even recognizing the region has been infested with rats. This is because rats are difficult to spot. Rats are nocturnal animals that seek crevices and confined spaces to conceal themselves and conduct most of their activities. Because of this, it is difficult to know whether or not a region has an infestation of rats.


Rat control is a challenging endeavor that demands significant technical training and experience. Because Pestong Pest Control has been operating in this industry for several years, it goes without saying that we are the most qualified company to entrust with rat control in Toronto. We have been able to assist a lot of customers and clients throughout our history. Pestong Pest Control is the one place that will go to extraordinary lengths to guarantee that the issue is handled in the finest manner possible, regardless of how wide or deep the problem of the rat infestation is.

How to Identify Rats

The rat and the roof rat are both common kinds of rats found in your immediate vicinity in the Greater Toronto Area. How these animals hunt and their physical traits are very different. Identifying the species of rat you are dealing with is essential before attempting to eradicate them. When dealing with a rat infestation, it is essential to determine whether mice or rats are the cause. Mice and young rats can be easily confused with one another. The size and form of their heads and their droppings are the most significant ways to differentiate between them.

How do I know if I have a rat infestation?

When determining if you have a rat problem, only you know your home and environment well enough to make that determination. When rats need to find food or water, they will come out of the walls where they have been hiding. You’ll be the first to notice any changes because you’ll be alerted by your senses. If you hear scurrying, nibbling, or squeaking inside the walls but don’t see any rodent sign or activity, our team of specialists at Addison will do a rat examination.

How serious are rats?

  • Diseases, viruses, and germs present in rat feces and urine can be spread through the air.
  • Suppose rats scurry your home at night, searching for food and nesting materials. In that case, they may have crawled across your tables, counters, and pantries, contaminating those areas and putting you at risk of infections and bacteria.
  • One can contract HPS Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome by inhaling dust or dirt tainted with urine, saliva, or droppings from infected rodents.

Affordable Rat Removal:

In addition to offering the most dependable and high-quality rat control services, we also consider the funds involved in providing these services. After making the comparison, it will be clear that the cost of rat control we provide is the most reasonable and accommodating to monetary constraints. Regarding rat control, we think our clients should be able to use the most dependable and high-quality services available without spending excessive money. As a result, we spend a lot of attention on ensuring that the cost of rat pest control is the most reliable and economical option available throughout the entirety of Toronto. In light of this, it should go without saying that if you are having problems with rats, you should get in touch with us at Pestong Pest Control to assist you in dealing with the problem.

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