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Bed Bugs can be a massive problem as it can affect your lifestyle and most importantly your sleep. 

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Bed bugs are small insects that feed exclusively on human or animal blood. It is a prolific insect that most often hides and multiplies in the bed environment (mattresses, box springs, bed structure, etc.). Bed bug bites cause skin reactions that resemble those observed following mosquito bites.

The plague of bed bugs is a major problem in homes. Bed bugs are common in residences and hotels, and their bites can cause allergic reactions in children and adults. So, conducting disinsection services with periodic reviews is important to prevent bed bug diseases.

Our innovative bed bugs elimination options will quickly and effectively exterminate bed bugs in your home and business. We respond to your call quickly to survey the site and identify if treatment is needed.

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Two Types Of Bed Bug Treatments

Following the advice in this article should assist you in locating reputable bed bug exterminators.

Chemical Treatment

The conventional method employed by pestong pest control, which employs organic pests safe for human consumption, assures a hundred percent success rate in getting rid of bed bugs.

Heat Treatment

Pestong is among the few Toronto-based companies that provide this cutting-edge method of eliminating bedbugs. Thanks to this method, these bedbugs can be killed without chemicals or pesticides.

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Pestong Bed Bug Removal Service

Do you feel itchy in your arms, back or legs? You think you have been stung, but you don’t know how or by what? Bedbugs may have invaded your bedroom. These 4-7mm long insects feed on human blood and live in or near your bedding (mattresses, pillows, floors, drawers, etc.).

Pestong Pest Control has offered the best bed bug removal services in Toronto, Ontario, since 2005. If you detect the presence of bed bugs, it is strongly recommended that you call a bed bug exterminator. We proceed to the extermination of bedbugs discreetly and as soon as possible.

Location and Signs That You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs mostly live in the bedroom, and some clues can detect their presence. Here are a few that indicate a bedbug infestation:

  • Redness similar to a mosquito bite on the legs and back (mostly)
  • Itching (caused by these bites)
  • Blackish marks on the mattress
  • Left behind by their excrement
  • The unpleasant odour they give off.

Bed bugs flee light and take shelter in dark, narrow and inaccessible places.

For this reason, it is unlikely that you will see them during the day. On the other hand, you could detect the presence of corpses of bed bugs, skins of bed bugs having moulted, or eggs between 15 and 20, all laid in the same place.

If you suspect the presence of this insect in your home, it is strongly recommended to act quickly and contact a certified bed bugs exterminator. Our team of technicians is experienced; more importantly, they are properly trained in treating bed bugs.

Bed Bugs Bites on Back

It is Important to Exterminate Bedbugs!

Bed bugs can significantly affect human health and quality of life, leading to isolation and depression. It is, therefore, essential to know how to recognize them and immediately contact a bed bug extermination professional to get rid of them quickly to prevent a serious bedbug infestation.

How to Recognize Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are oval-shaped, about the size of an apple seed, and visible to the naked eye. They do not jump, do not fly, but move at the speed of an ant. However, as they are generally nocturnal insects, bed bugs avoid light and rarely appear during the day. Adult bed bugs are usually brown. When engorged with blood, their colour ranges from red to dark brown.

Bed Bugs Lifespan

Bedbugs have a lifespan of five to six months. However, if they are in an uninhabited house and run out of food, they can enter a state of hibernation, which allows them to live for more than a year, or even two, without ever feeding. This characteristic makes this insect an extremely difficult pest to eradicate, requiring treatment by a professional bed bug exterminator.

Signs of Infestation

You may have bedbugs if you have purchased a used bed or other old furniture, along with the itchy bumps you’ve been waking up with. Other telltale symptoms of a bedbug infestation are:

Sheets or pillowcases with blood stains.

Bedbug feces can leave behind dark or reddish stains on linens, textiles, and even walls.
Bedbug feces, egg casings, or shed skins in hiding places.

A putrid, musty odor emanates from the olfactory glands of the insects.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation, check all of your linens for live insects and bug feces. Take off the protective cover from the box springs’ underside to inspect the joints in the wood support structure. Unstaple the fabric from the wooden structure.

It’s a good idea to thoroughly sweep the area around the bed, including the edge of the carpet, books, phones, radio, and electrical outlets. If you suspect you have bedbugs, you should inspect your closet. If you are unsure how to identify bedbugs, it is best to contact a professional exterminator. If you see any of these signs, it’s time to take action to exterminate the pests and prevent their return.

Why Choose Us?

Pestong’s pest control services are designed to restore your tranquillity and contentment. We take every precaution to ensure that using chemicals like pesticides does not diminish the quality of your furniture. The fact that the government completely licenses all of Pestong’s services is the primary argument in favour of using them. This ensures that our pest control services work as intended and that you will see results quickly. Hiring a Toronto bed bug exterminator is the best idea if you need help getting rid of these little snakes.

If you hire Pestong, you’ll have access to the most genuine fighting team right in your home/hotel, which is just one of many reasons you should do so. As a bonus, our high standard of service will aid you in your war against any number of creepy crawlies without causing any harm to your home’s furnishings or decor.

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When we came from our vacation after 3 weeks, we found a large hornet nest on the ceiling of our bedroom, about 12' diameter, with many large hornets flying around our bedroom. We called Ali and he has removed it the next morning. He treated the hornets that dropped dead instantly, and also treated even larger nest in our attic. He came again after a week to also to treat the hole from outside and make sure that no hornets sneaked in to our bedroom again. We are really happy with the service - it was very professional, but most of all, Ali truly cared that we are safe from hornets and have our peace back. Thank you, Ali, we really appreciate your help.
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Ali did a fantastic job for me and secured my house against squirrels. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends. I’m am a most satisfied customer!
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I was very impressed with how quickly Ali arrived. He was knowledgeable and professional. He explained what needed to be done to get rid of a skunk that had dug its way under my shed and efficiently rectified the problem. This was service at its best.
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Ali was very accommodating to our schedule. He was able to come by the same day we called for mice service & came late at night as we were not available earlier in the day. Great service & provided us with a lot of information as well as answered all our questions. Would recommend him!
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Ali is humble and detailed person. He helped to not only safely remove the raccoon, but made sure that any holes on the roof were repaired. He also makes sure that the problem solved for good. I recommend him to all. Amazing service!

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