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  • Over 15 years of experience since 2005
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Welcome Pestong Pest Control Services Toronto

Pestong pest control Toronto and animal control delivers quality services. Pestong pest control uses IPM (Integrated Pest Management) meaning there by combining different pest control techniques. We care for your comfort by controlling bed bugs effectively and with guarantee. Pest control company is insured. Pest and animals can do harm to your health, reputation, residences, businesses, offices, industry, Pestong pest control.

Why Choose Pestong Pest Control Toronto​​

Pestong Control Toronto is providing its quality services in Toronto. We are working to eradicate and control the outgrowing number of pests roaming around your houses. If you are concerned about these creepy, crawling insects, then you don’t need to worry about that, because we at Pestong provides home services to control pests. Be it a residential area or a commercial one, we provide the best Pest exterminator services.Through different methods and techniques we make sure that we’re providing our best to our customers.


Our Pest Removing Works


We use certain chemicals that help in exterminating insects.. We have specially trained professional staff to offer you the finest services. Being a professional, we don’t compromise on the quality of our services and promise to give long lasting effect.

We Offer IPM Eco-Friendly Work

Integrated Pest Management is the Eco-friendly strategy used in minimizing and controlling pest problems without harming our environment. In IPM we use different techniques combined to get a long lasting relief from pests. IPM program works in a healthy manner. Here are the major principles which every IPM program includes:

  • Identification of pests.
  • Examining damage and monitoring numbers of pests.
  • Preventing pests’ problems.
  • Using combination techniques.
  • After action is taken to assess the consequences of IPM.

Techniques Involved in Pest Control

  • Physical pest control This technique includes trapping and killing of insects. Cage traps and ultraviolet lights are used to attract and trap insects.
  • Poison Baits Poisoned bait is a form of pesticide mixed with food. The food attracts the pests. It is often used in controlling mice, rats, slugs, ants, cockroaches.
  • Spraying Spraying is a technique used to kill pests such as beetles , bed bugs cockroaches The chemicals are introduced into the area to be purified.

Feel Free to Contact Pestong

  • Contact us on our helpline number (647) 914-7378
  • We are destined to give 100% Quality services
  • We provide satisfactory pest control and wildlife removal services with no hidden charges
We are proud to be one of the best Pest control company in Toronto and many other areas. Our pest controlling techniques are unique in its own way. We don’t compromise on our quality and we are determined to provide our customers with quality services in a friendly budget. We feel happy by the feedback of our satisfied clients and high quality work is our trademark. If you’re facing pest problems in your house, business , office or anywhere else you can easily contact us and we’d be giving you relief from these unwanted creatures.
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